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Chiiiiiilllll. Why your stress is killing you.

As parents my wife and I actually encourage Ipad time for our kids, yes, even at night time, and you know what, our kids fall asleep just fine and they are very happy and healthy. Why do we do this you ask? Well because we need our chill time too. We try our best to have down time together as a family before our nightly bed time routine begins and it has helped us with reduced stress, better sleep, and an overall more active lifestyle during the day.

If the last two decades of research have taught doctors anything, it’s that persistent and high levels of stress are harmful to human health.

Psychological stress contributes to a range of heart problems, from structural abnormalities to heart attacks. Studies have also found that chronic stress can disrupt the body’s immune and endocrine systems as well as its metabolic processes, and that these disruptions are associated with diabetes, irritable bowel disease, cancer, and other medical conditions.

I came across this wonderful piece from @element, called, the health risks of evening stress, and I think you should chill out and read it.

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