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How to feel accomplished at the end of the day

Even if you didnt start or complete any of the personal growth to do's on your list, especially the important ones for self growth. Make our wants into habits. I mean why shouldn't we with all the time we have on our hands now....

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So you would think with all of this time we spend at home that we would be able to write that poetry,finish that new song on guitar, put in hours towards my RYT, go for a hike, all while teaching our kids but yet, it seems that we are getting less done each day.

In looking for inspiration, I came across a wonderful article from and inspiring author that may just answer the question of what we need to do in order to make these wants into habits.

3 Times a Week Is a Habit

Instead of holding yourself to a daily schedule, cultivate a seven-day mentality

Written by Laura Vanderkam

You mean you didn’t make the time today to exercise, write a poem, and practice your French, all while whipping up a pot of boeuf bourguignon? On top of your job, social, and family responsibilities? What’s wrong with you?

Or perhaps a better question is: Who says you have to do everything that is important to you every single day?

Your career is likely important to you, but few people report to their workplaces seven days a week. A week is the cycle of life as we actually live it. And when it comes to most habits, a seven-day mentality — instead of a 24-hour one — can be life-changing.

How? Rather than ask what you’ve done at the end of a day, ask yourself what you’ve done over the past week. The answer is usually far more positive. When I have people track their time for a week, most discover that they are spending at least some time on their interests. A person who claims “I never have time to exercise” might see that she did go for a brisk walk after dinner one evening to run an errand. “Never” turns out to mean “not as much as I want.” There’s a difference.


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