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Just a poor boy from Minnesota trying to make it in this world. A devoted father, husband, warrior, and survivor.  Writing & sharing about the myths, the legends, and transformations of my journey through this life.

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Sometimes you need more than experiences & coffee to be inspired to write

I am not a published or even successful author, poet, or songwriter, though I do hope that at the end of my time here on earth, that it does become something that defines me. Most of the time I write marketing emails, social media posts, and proposals and struggle to find the time for more creative writing.

Alot of time I read about writing and words from other writers for inspiration. I came across this wonderful piece from one of my favorite reading resources on forge.com and hopefully it is helpful for you even if you are only needing inspiration to write more in your journal.

Image by the galaxy bookshop

How to Write Anything

Rules you can use to write anything you want to write — from a book to a tweet

written by Ross McCammon

You are a writer.

You tweet. You email. You Slack. You text. Multiple times a day, you look at a blank screen and you fill it with words — your own words written in your own style for an audience you hope to persuade, amuse, inform.

Here at Forge, we think there’s no activity more connected to the self — and no skill more improvable — than what we type into those screens. So, all this week, we’ve been publishing stories about how to write the things we write every day.


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