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The science behind your "Aha" moments

It seems like with out fail, there you are in the throes of a project and you get stuck and are unable to move on. Initially you take a coffee break, hoping that stepping away and a jolt of energy for the brain will help you get past the mental block. Only to find yourself jacked up, more irritated from the caffeine, and suffering from anxiety sweats

Then eventually, you get fed up and throw in the towel for the day. The next morning, you hop back into it, and low and behold, the answers come naturally and you make your way through to the "Aha" moment you so desperately sought the day before. This time though it came with little effort or will. What if you could control your aha moments?

In this article by Author, Markham Hied, he dives into scientific breakthroughs that can potentially help you accomplish this. Check it out here

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