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  • Jay Trisko

We don't wear sunscreen like most families.

It is no secret that for most parents the first step to any pool or water outing is to cover their children with sunscreen because of the many dangers the sun poses. I do not know when this phenomenon started as I do not remember wearing sunscreen ever as a child, rather the opposite.

I grew up in a lake town in Minnestoa and we spent many hours at the lake during the summer, often with my older sister and her friends. Now, not only did we not apply copious amounts of sunscreen but we often added baby oil to our skin, to "enhance" our tan, lol. Now of course I am not adding baby oil to my kids skin but there is something to be said about a healthy consistent dose of vitamin d. Not only is it proven to help with depression and overall attitude, but I found this article that shares some addiitonal scientific facts that back my case.

When you have time, check it out, and see if you don't agree that maybe, avoiding the sun is actually bad for you.

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